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What is the cost to raise a building?

The surface area of the structure is our primary factor for every project.

Multiple stories, status of the property (recently flooded, potential repairs, cracked/broken foundation, etc.) are also considered before we can provide the final cost. Give us a call for a free evaluation and estimate!

How long does it take  to raise a building?

The entire process can take anywhere between 45 and 60 days to complete.

Permitting takes between 7 and 30 days, and the remaining time depends on the service and package you choose. Some larger properties or specialty buildings may require additional time.

What other costs should I expect?

We won’t surprise you with any hidden costs,

but there are other factors that you should consider. Additional factors during any lift include: surveying, engineering, permitting, block piling, jacking, utilities, generators, skirt wall, and corner columns. The restoration of utilities and plumbing, addition of stairs, steps, landings and decks, and any cosmetic foundation wall are additional costs that may also need to be included.

Will you be able to fix my foundation or expand to additions?


We can resolve common issues that we find in most lifts. All issues of concern or additional cost will be discussed with you before we begin the lift.

How can I get a home elevation grant?

FEMA provides the following grant opportunities:

An FMA (Flood Mitigation Assistance) or HMGP (Hazard Mitigation Grant Program) grant, both require city or county sponsorship. An ICC (Increased Cost of Compliance) grant of up to $30,000 is available to homeowners without sponsorship if the city or county has given you a “Substantial Damage” designation for your property.

Are loans for home elevation available?


Many homeowners have loans available from banks and we can offer a list of lenders that each homeowner can consider independently. We financing options through third party lenders as well.

What process do you use to elevate a house?

Our team of engineers have created a unique high-tech computerized system

which allows us to lift a building simultaneously in a safe and more efficient way. Other providers offer an outdated manual jacking system that doesn’t have the capability to compartmentalize an entire lift. Creating a less secure environment for your structure.

Do I need to wait on the completed elevation to do repairs/remodel?

We highly recommend

that you elevate your home before performing any interior repairs/remodel. This is because we may find minor damages if your home isn’t already level.

Why do people elevate a home or building?

One of the primary reasons to lift a home or a building

is to preserve your most valuable assets. Additional reasons to elevate your home or building include:

  • Mitigate risk of future flooding damage
  • Reduction of flood insurance premiums
  • Cost less to elevate a home/building than to rebuild
  • Higher lifts above 9ft allow for parking and storage space
  • Resale value of your property is preserved and appreciated
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